Hi Friends!

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My name is Bailey and this is my blog where you can laugh, cry, yell and cook with me. I use the term “cook” loosely because, I try to keep things as simple as possible. I can be somewhat lazy in the kitchen with a full time sales and marketing job, most of my recipes require little effort but will always be full of flavor and packed with nourishment. I am a huge fan of meal prep Sunday, it's the best way to set yourself up for a tasty, easy healthy week and it will relieve A LOT of stress.  I am a health enthusiast and I am a firm believer in balance. If you like to have some wine at happy hour but also enjoy hiking mountains and staying active, we will get along just fine. As a native to Colorado, I really enjoy being outside, hanging with my pets and going to see live music (mainly EDM and mostly at Red Rocks). I started this blog not only to show you how easy and quick you can make yourself and your family a healthy delicious meal; but also to share my journey with my own hardships and triumphs in life. I am an introvert who wants to be extravert, so what better way to put myself out there than behind the safety of my computer screen :) 


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